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Midnight Hour

It’s midnight and the planning commissioners cannot decide whether to table the comprehensive plan updates or to approve them.

Not many people spoke at the public hearing. And commissioners have debated the land use map and the lack of commercial nodes for the rural areas of the county such as Lake Anna.

They didn’t clearly state the vote results and I am too tired to call out and ask them to do that, but the vote to send the plan to supervisors was defeated on a tie 3-3 vote.

Commissioners Kevin Leahy and Hugh Montgomery are arguing the point that this plan is a vision and a guide, not law. But other commissioners aren’t comfortable with it.

Commissioner John Gustfason just made a motion to table it for 30 days.  That was defeated on a 3-3 tie vote.

Residents are now asking me what the status of the plan is. I honestly don’t know. No one does. Planners are now discussing the problem with the deputy county attorney. He needs to research it, he said.

This is one of the most unusual planning commissions I have ever attended in my career. I am ready for bed. Meeting closed.