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Guns and homes

I got another e-mail today from a concerned resident who was upset about some hunters shooting too close to her home. I am working on verifying what exactly happened, but county government offices are closed for New Year’s Eve. So, to ensure I have the facts straight, I won’t go into details about what she complained about other than it is related to a hunting club shooting too close to her home off Tidewater Trail. 

The Planning Commission meets at 7:30 p.m. WEDNESDAY in the Holbert Building on Courthouse Road to discuss options to control this hunting behavior. They’ve discussed it twice before, but nothing ever came from the meetings. This time, after a resident had a gunshot pellet travel through his bathroom, I think some form of action will be taken.

Commissioners only make recommendations to the supervisors, who will make a final decision. Supervisor Gary Jackson appears to be a proponent of taking some form of action, but it’s too early to tell what he will end up proposing. I’ve heard he once wanted a 1,500-foot buffer between hunters and homes. The NRA adopts a 500-foot buffer, and it is likely that might be the safest bet supervisors will end up taking.

This recent complaint stated the hunters were no farther than 200 feet from her home.

The meeting Wednesday is not a public hearing, so residents won’t have a chance to chime in. But you can listen, and possibly talk to commissioners or e-mail your supervisor if you agree or disagree with proposals. Maybe no proposal will be made. You can also come talk to me about ideas or your own story; it doesn’t even have to be about hunting!

Happy New Year! I made a wish (notice I said wish and not resolution) to drop 20 more pounds after gaining probably 10 while home. My mom seems to think that everything she makes needs 100 percent cream in it. I try to tell her that the mashed potatoes will taste fine without the cream, but she insists. She made some incredible lobster dish that had cream. I ran out of the house before she could pack me a suitcase worth of frozen leftovers. I was proud that I did run twice while in NY, but I was dragging. I came home to packaged salads, chicken breasts and a treadmill. Yippeee!