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More on the Comp Plan

The Planning Commission last night decided to keep the public hearing open on the updates to the comprehensive land-use plan. The hearing will continue at 7:30 p.m. for its Jan. 16 meeting.

Their reasoning to keep the public hearing open was they wanted residents who may be too busy with the holidays to have the opportunity to comment. For those interested in reading the comp plan can go here.

What seemed to be the major concern of commissioners last night was that the plan lacked language about redeveloping old neighborhoods or blighted sections of the county. Lafayette Boulevard is one section that came up several times for the need of some TLC. As most know, the road runs out of Fredericksburg and meets U.S. 1 and Courthouse Road at the Four-Mile-Fork area. It’s not a pretty drive.

One planner said it would take a ton of money to redevelop that area. A developer would need to buy a lot of property, tear down a lot of buildings and homes, and just start over. But some residents and commissioners wondered why improvements couldn’t be made in place, especially since some of these buildings are vacant. That’s why these Urban Development Area zones, which must hold at least 10 years of growth total, are targeted for large-acre parcels that are mostly undeveloped.

I will be out of the office all next week.

But I will be here to kick off the new year.

Have a safe and happy holiday, everyone!!!! See you next year.


  • gramps

    I think the County overloads the public with terrific plans. My sense is that the ‘powers to be’ will be ‘talking’ about VRE membership for a long time. Perhaps the mere mention of high-speed rail transit is progress of some kind. I won’t hold my breath waiting for meaningful progress on this idea that is the only REAL answer to much of this areas transportation problems.

  • dantelvock

    Gramps, there are two new board members who replace two men who wouldn’t vote to join VRE. Both Gary Skinner and Benjamin Pitts said over and over that they would vote to join VRE. Hap Connors most likely will vote to join, making three people. T.C. Waddy and Emmitt Marshall never will. Gary Jackson probably won’t. That leaves Jerry Logan as a possible swing vote. We’ll see.