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The Outer Connector Road is dead, sort of

I am on Chapter 6 of the updated comprehensive land-use plan. I am hanging by a thread here, folks. I should be getting hazard pay for this, especially the Levels of Service portion of it. Wow.

Anyway, I am deep into the “Transportation Element” of the plan. Let’s review some of the details:

1. The Route 208 Courthouse Bypass, a road discussed in the 1970s, has been studied by VDOT. The first phase from 208 to Block House Road is nearly finished. That was only 40 years, folks.

2.Traffic Improvement and Safety Study: 26 projects are on this list. Seven are funded.

3. The Rappahannock Parkway/Spotsylvania Greenway/portion of the Outer Connector Road: Pick your favorite name, because they all sort of explain what this road is. The road is intended as a bypass to connect I-95 south of the Rappahannock River with Rt. 3 as far west as Gordon Road. The concept is under study. Tolls are envisioned for this road. I will take predictions for when this road is built. Send them to

4. All references to the Outer Connector Road are gone from the comp plan.

5. Collector/Distributor Access Study: Most of this was erased from the plan and replaced with “VDOT is managing a study to determine if limited access ramps can be considered for existing road crossing of I-95, such as Harrison Road. This is allowable by the Federal Highway Administration, only if parallel collector distributor lanes are constructed along both sides of I-95. The limits of the study are to the Spotsylvania Interchange.”

6. Massaponax Corridor Study: In August 2006, supervisors approved the hiring of Michael Baker Inc. to study improvements that can be made in the area of U.S. 1 and I-95 with the Harrison Road intersection as the northern limit of the study and the Morris/Mudd Tavern Road intersection as the southern limit. The study area includes Mills Drive (U.S. 17). This firm is the same one that studied the Outer Connector Road. Baker completed the study and recommended:

A. Spotsylvania Interchange reconstruction concept design

B. New interchange between U.S. 17 and Thornburg (Jackson Gateway area)

C. Interchange replacement for the Thornburg Interchange; among other things

Some other additions to the goals and objectives:

1. Investigate the development of a new park and ride lot in Massaponax

2. Supervisor want trail linkages to battlefields and historic sites

3. Promote and complete an integrated walk-bike trail system along major trails such as the Old Central Virginia Rail Line to function as a part of the transportation system. Develop a countywide trail plan

4. Encoourage sidewalks that connect new development to old development. Link to bus stops, parking, and home

5. County recognizes potential for “future rail service” (VRE) and “will continue exploring the advantages/disadvantages of joinging VRE. Also the County supports the development of high speed rail.”