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And the winner of the recount is ….. drum roll

When the county went to staggered terms earlier this year, I wrote a blog about it. But I played a game on my readers and wouldn’t reveal the three supervisor districts that would be staggered. I said “read it in tomorrow’s paper.”

It resulted in one blog reader basically saying I was immature.

So, keeping that in mind, I won’t play you guys again. Christy Jett won the recount today against incumbent Paul Metzger. The process went real smooth and it was actually fun to watch. The poll workers are good people and have interesting stories.

So now that I broke the story here, what will I write about? Well, I used a little bit of descriptive writing to start it out. And then I get into the process of the recount, the ensuing drama (the little that there was) and a bit of controversy with the machines residents voted on this past election.

All in all, I probably have a story right now my editors will say is too long. We’ll see how it turns out tomorrow.

And by the way, the recount results were the same as the results on Election Day. Jett garnered 7,420 votes to Metzger’s 7,357.