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The Big 12

No, this isn’t the NCAA conference. This is the title County Administrator Randy Wheeler gave to the major capital projects in the county right now.

They are the eight public-private projects recently under contract for $25.6 million, the Route 3 design and build widening, the Campus Master Plan phase 1 at the courthouse, the Salem Church Library expansion and the Massaponax sewer interceptor replacement.

The Campus Master Plan is scheduled to go to bid in June 2008 with a spring 2010 scheduled completion date. This phase includes a new Circuit Court center, a public safety center, a judicial center addition and a renovation. The renovation and addition will be the last projects on the list because the clerk’s office will need to move out. The estimated cost is $50 million.

The library expansion is scheduled to finish Oct. 31, 2008.

The public-private projects that are under contract are significantly less than what was proposed for the entire $112 million package. The remaining work is scheduled to be done through 2013. All of the work is from the 2005 bond money.

Here is the work scheduled, as reported by Kelly Hannon:

A flashing traffic signal will become a regular traffic signal on the U.S. 17 Bypass in Massaponax. Turning lanes will be added. Open by fall 2008.

A traffic signal at the intersection of Gordon and Chancellor roads by fall 2008. The area will be prepared for a later project that will widen Gordon to four lanes with sidewalks.

Harrison Road will be four lanes from Salem Church Road to Leavells Road to Carriage Hill Lane. Right and left turn lanes will be built at Hazelwild Farm. Harrison Road may later be widened to four lanes from Graningers Circle to U.S. 1. The intersection of Harrison  Road  and two subdivisions, Kingswood and Beauclaire Plantation, will get a traffic signal by spring 2009. Left and right turn lanes will be added.

A traffic signal at the three-way intersection of Mine and Lansdowne roads, with turn lanes, will open by summer 2009.

The intersection of Mine  Road , Hardwood Lane and Campbell Drive will get a traffic signal and turn lanes by summer 2009.

Smith Station  Road  and Piedmont Drive will have a traffic signal and turn lanes by summer 2009.

A second bond package, worth about $91 million, would build projects between 2011 and 2013. It could accomplish the following:

Gordon  Road  will become a four-lane divided highway from Harrison  Road  to Smith Station  Road .

Harrison  Road  will be widened to four lanes from Hazelwild Farm to U.S. 1. The U.S. 1 service  road  will be closed at this intersection.

Leavells  Road  will be raised from Creek Lane to just beyond Galaxie Drive. The  road  needs to be raised above a flood plain. A new bridge will be built over Massaponax Creek.

The Leavells  Road  and Galaxie Drive intersection will get turn lanes.

Shoulders will be added to Jones Powell  Road  from 0.4 mile east of Belmont  Road  to Lawyers  Road .

Several intersections will get new turn lanes and signal modifications: Smith Station and Courthouse roads, Smith Station and Massaponax Church roads, Massaponax Church  Road  and U.S. 1, and Mine  Road , Falcon Drive and  Spotsylvania  Avenue.