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More on the trucks

It seems like I always think of more information I should have added to a story the next morning when it is in the paper.

On the truck story today in Region, I should have mentioned one very important point. This ordinance, if passed, will limit the number of these vehicles that can be on a homeowner’s property. Supervisors have no authority to prohibit these vehicles from parking on the streets. So, what this ordinance may do is push these large commercial vehicles, dump trucks or whatever they may be, onto the streets.

At the Planning Commission public hearing months ago, they wondered why this ordinance was only specific to trucks. Why not RVs, boats and large trailers? Think of the uproar such a policy would create if a homeowner had to move his or her boat to a storage unit because they already have an RV?

This ordinance is geared toward construction vehicles, tow trucks and delivery trucks.

I should have added this to the story, for whatever it is worth.




  • 2005gtogal

    Please tell me why people buy homes? We buy them so we can do what we like with them and park whatever we want on our property!!! Not to have people tell us that we pay our mortgage to do as they wish for us to do. If it weren’t for construction vechiles there wouldn’t be any subdivisions!!!!

  • johnfgustafson

    Dan, please seriously consider a follow up story where the details you discussed in your blog are published. You may also want to get some opinions from the Supervisors who voted. This is such a heated topic, that the public really needs to have a fuller understanding of this issue.

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