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GIS Training

 Want to learn how to use the county’s Geographic Information System?

GIS contains a plethora of information that is useful to just about anyone. How to use it though isn’t exactly simple.

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday  at the Marshall Center on Courthouse Road, county staff will participate in a technology fair with GIS classes.

Staff will present “Intro to GIS” and “GIS Analysis Applications” classes to help residents better understand the GIS tools.

Am I being vague? What are GIS tools? I have to be honest, although I know this GIS stuff is very useful, I am not sure how to apply it to what I do. I do know, for example, that the GIS system maps out  locations of fire stations, parks, libraries, schools and homes. 

A county press release explained GIS as: “Geographic Information System technology provides capabilities for visualizing and understanding what is going on in one or many locations.  It allows the user to model resources, relationships, processes, dependencies, patterns, threats and risks.”

“These capabilities provide the ability to map and observe what is taking place, measure an event or impact, analyze disparate data, develop plans and ultimately decide on a course of action.  The ability of GIS to integrate spatial and non-spatial data, as well as support analysis and process modeling, enables it to become a platform for the integration of business processes of multiple departments, activities and disciplines within County government.”

To play with the GIS system go here and under “Our Departments” click on “GIS/Mapping.”

I guess my own admissions prove I should attend this event, and I shall try.