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Write in candidates

It has come to my attention that several people wrote me in for the Salem District supervisor seat. The news provided me with great laughter today.

Dear Gary Jackson,

I would never want to be a Spotsylvania supervisor. I prefer to cover you guys, not be covered. I admire your service to the county. I am sure this secret write-in campaign on my behalf had you deeply concerned. However, you still won easily. Congratulations.

When you live in a district that has a candidate unopposed, voters can have some silly fun if they want it. Writing me in is so silly, far more silly that writing in Donald Duck, or the GEICO Caveman.

I have requested from the registrar a list of the write-in candidates. I should be able to get it tomorrow. Anyone who is interested can check back here for the details.



  • freewheeling

    I hear you have some very shady donors pumping up your campaign. Please FOIA yourself.

  • heckman

    I vote for Tevlock.

    Who got all the write-in votes? Ray Lora running unapposed got less than 90% of the vote! WOW…