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What happened at Lee Hill Elementary???…the scoop

Brian Hughes, who drives a Toyota Camry with the license plates GOP H8R, had a run in with Lee Hill District Supervisor Vince Onorato this afternoon.

Hughes said Onorato told him to go home because there are no “liberals” in Spotsylvania County. Hughes is a staunch Democrat who actually voted for Onorato in 2003.

DISCLAIMER: Onorato ran as an independent in 2003.

Hughes voted anyway. 
Contacted after the incident, Onorato said Hughes is a “hater.” 

“He’s an extremist,” Onorato said. “Anyone with a license plate like that is an extremist.”

The rest of the story will be in tomorrow’s paper. But as a teaser, I will say I use a Dan Quayle reference!!!!

I love election nights!!!