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It’s over

The elections are over. It’s 11:11 p.m. and I shall make a wish….

We have two new faces on the Board of Supervisors. Congratulations to Gary Skinner and Benjamin Pitts, who really isn’t a “new” face to the county board.

Board Chairman Chris Yakabouski lost to Sen. Edd Houck, but he provided a strong challenge.  I don’t think this is the last time we will see Chris in politics and public service.

Voter turnout was no higher than 36 percent in any of the local districts. T.C. Waddy sure does know how to get the vote out, as the Livingston District had the largest voter turnout.

The local GOP ticket didn’t perform that well in what is supposed to be a very, very, very conservative county. Republicans Vince Onorato, Mark Dorsey, Jerry Tolson, Gary Bullis and Eric Martin all lost.  The only candidate on the local Spotsylvania GOP ticket to win is Christy Jett, who squeaked by incumbent Paul Metzger. The clerk race was so close that there could be a recount.

The GOP faired better on the state ticket, but the Pollard-Stuart race is very close. Cole and Orrock easily won re-election.