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More on State Route 3 widening

Supervisors are elected to make tough decisions with local tax dollars. And on Oct. 23, supervisors faced one of those tough calls, but at least they made a decision.

But what would you have done?

Here’s the dilemma: Use local tax dollars to widen a 1-mile stretch of Route 3 from Chewning Lane to Gordon Road in a public-private partnership OR take federal and state money to widen it even farther from Chewning Lane to Andora Drive, but add years onto the completion date?

What would you do?

Supervisors chose to use the state and federal money. The chief con to this plan is there is no real timeline for when this project will begin. It won’t be anytime soon. I predict another round of board elections will occur before this project starts.  

A story will run in the Spotsy Extra section next week, but until then, tell me what you would have done.



  • johnfgustafson

    I am inclinded to agree with the BoS decision. Firstly, this is a state responsibility. Most importantly, it allow funds earmarked for road improvements to be used for the more secondary road improvements, where state money is even less likely to be available. This includes secondary road widening and signal improvements, and even paving unpaved rural roads.