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Massaponax Church Road

A Spotsylvania County resident e-mailed me over the weekend and asked me to publish his comments in my blog, which I have no problem doing for him. His comments are related to the story that ran Saturday about Massaponax Church Road, the new elementary school, and the battle of words among supervisors.

Tom Drent says:

Massaponax Church Rd. west of Hwy 1 has no white lines on the sides, no shoulders, and has been in a total state of disrepair for at least the six years we have lived here. It’s bad enough that they have mixed industry and residential areas which combines gravel trucks, cement mixers and school buses.  There are three major subdivisions between Hwy 1 and Rt 17 with over 1,500 homes that have seen their property tax triple during this period. Now they want a school there without fixing the road.  Real smart!

Mr. Drent then sends an e-mail to Supervisor Emmitt Marshall, and he forwarded it to me:

Mr. Marshall, The article in Today’s Freelance Star about you and Mr. Onorata brings up a very good point about Massaponax Church Rd being dangerous. We have lived here in Lancaster Gate for over six years and this road has been in a total state of disrepair ever since. The same road West of Hwy 1 was repaved a couple of years ago and it does not even have any where near the number of tax paying residents as the east side. There are three major subdivisions on this road between Hwy 1 and Rt 17. Timberlake, Lancaster Gate and Southpoint, that is approximately 1500 homes including the ones directly on the road. We have all seen our property taxes triple over this time period yet nothing has been done to make this road less dangerous. It has no white lines, no shoulder, is twisty, mixed with industry, including cement mixers and gravel trucks and is even designated as a Bike Route! Now, there is going to be a school built on it without repairing the road? Massaponax Church Rd is a major connection between Hwy 1 and Rt 17 and needs to be widened and repaved before you bring MORE school buses down this road. Let’s be proactive for once and implement some proper planning for once.

This isn’t just MY blog. I have no problems sharing it with the public, if you have something to say, like Mr. Drent.


  • johnfgustafson

    Many have reported how unsafe Massaponax Church Road is for school buses, and this is why we should never allow a new school to exist on this road. Currently, 27 school buses travel this road. If we are saying this road is unsafe, shouldn’t we ban current bus traffic?

  • johnfgustafson

    I agree with the residents who say that Massaponax Church Road is poor. There are many other roads in Spotsylvania that mirror the problems existing with Massaponax Church Road, with lack of lane striping, no shoulders, sharp turns, and a narrow travel lane. Should we prohibit school buses on any road in our county that has these dangerous conditions?