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Yikes! A blog folds

Just one day after I gave mention to a local blog about Spotsylvania County, the person decided to fold. What did I do?

The mystery man, or woman, didn’t operate the blog for a very long time. The person says the blog served its purpose, which was “to propel candidates and their campaigning to a higher level of discourse.”

Well, the campaign season is just starting to heat up. The person also deleted all other blog entries, including one critical of Supervisor Vince Onorato, which I preserved in this blog. Certainly, one could assume Mr. Onorato believed that blog entry did very little to propel a higher level of discourse.

Anyway, here’s the final post from the mystery Spotsylvania blogger:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


The Spotsylvania Politics blog has served its purpose and no further entries will be made.

Although many of my observations have been critical of some, the ultimate purpose of the blog was to propel candidates and their campaigning to a higher level of discourse. The matters being discussed — VRE, taxes, economic development — affect everyday people in everyday ways. My observations were always intended to stimulate a higher level of performance from those in leadership.

I have high regard for the current Supervisors. Really, I do. It is a high calling and I truly believe we have capable people on the Board. But, more is required of an elected leader than a citizen. More communication. More wisdom. More accountability. This blog was intended – however clumsily the task was executed – to raise the level of leadership.

Citizenship is not without its responsibilities, either. I’ll continue to do my part to keep leaders accountable and on topic, just not through this blog. Farewell and may the best men (or woman) win on Nov 6th.