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Someone doesn’t like Supervisor Vince

In my challenging quest to find out what the politicos are talking about in Spotsylvania County, I found a blog.

Yep. One blog. Sure, I’ve made many phone calls, but not much is on the World Wide Web.

I don’t know who runs the blog. I have an idea, though. But I won’t try to guess.

This person doesn’t seem to like Supervisor Vince Onorato. On Aug. 18, the blogger wrote a critical piece about this supervisor. You can read it here:

The blogger states:

“No legislative goals achieved. No town hall meetings with the people who voted for him. No vision for our County communicated. In all, magnificent smallness.”

I won’t argue what the blogger says, that’s not my job. But I do know Vince held a community meeting when the sewer problems erupted. Not many people showed up, but Vince was armed with a bunch of maps and tried to explain to people what he knew. Vince always seems to be vocal during county board meetings when he has an issue of concern. I don’t see him holding back too often. But then again, my phone doesn’t ring off the hook with insight from Vince.   

Vince’s two opponents, School Board member Gary Skinner and teacher Julie Hamlett have been pretty quiet.

Coming in the paper, is more controversy surrounding Vince. I am not sure when the story will run, but it has to deal with the Committee of 500.

Does anyone know how I can reach C-500 founder Merl Witt? I heard he moved to New Mexico for the open space.

UPDATE: I found another Blog that I forgot to mention: