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Hell’s Kitchen update: Rock vs. Bonnie, the battle of the titans

I was swamped today with real work and have been dying to write this blog about Hell’s Kitchen.

Why? Because my prediction was wrong!
Rock, a cursing, temperamental executive chef in DC faces the beautiful itsy-bitsy blonde California nanny, Bonnie.

I predicted Rock would make it. I didn’t predict Bonnie would get this far.

Chef Gordon Ramsay used trickery all night to challenge the three remaining chefs.
Ramsay told the sous chefs to purposely leave ingredients out of dishes. He wanted to see if the three chefs, who all had the opportunity to run the kitchen, would catch the error.

Bonnie caught it. Rock caught it.

Jen did not. She failed to see the spaghetti didn’t have crab meat. I think Ramsay used that in his decision to kick her off the show. Plus, she was crazy.

At the end of the show, Ramsay had all three on the chopping block. He mulled the decision over several commercial breaks. And then he looks at Rock.

“Rock,” he says. “You’ve got to go …. into the [finals].”

Nice trick, Ramsay.

“Don’t scare me like that,” Rock replied.

There’s no doubt Ramsay scared the millions of people watching the show. Several co-workers mentioned the trick to me this morning.

There was no possible way he could boot Rock, who now becomes the hands-down favorite to win the contest and run his own restaurant in Las Vegas.

Ramsay then brought in Rock’s wife and Bonnie’s parents for a visit.

“I don’t think I am going to be a teacher anymore, Dad,” Bonnie said.

Is she a little over confident? Stick to your day job, Bonnie. No matter how much I love ya, Rock is winning this contest.

He’s my ticket to Vegas, baby! You can come, ya know?

Folks, once this show is over, I promise to return to nothing but Spotsylvania government tid bits. I do have some information to relay.

But, Rock Harper is putting Spotsylvania County on the map for millions of Hell’s Kitchen viewers. Maybe the county could find a way to use him in its tourism program that hasn’t been released yet.