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Hell’s Kitchen lore: Bonnie once turned GREEN!!!

Anyone who follows my Hell’s Kitchen blog knows I adore Bonnie, a nanny from California.
I was glad to see she survived another week, despite the fact she was cooking food without the burner on. Ohh Bonnie!

But today, on her own MySpace blog, she wrote a piece titled, “Six Weird Things About Me.”
Bonnie likes the word “weird.” I overuse it, too.

Here is what she said for the top weird thing:

1.  When I was about two years old  I went through this weird phase of only wanting to eat greenbeans.  Canned greenbeans.  I loved them.  Still do – they’re now a comfort food (I know, that alone is weird).  So my mom thought nothing of feeding me canned greenbeans at every meal because I would eat them all, and they’re vegetables so what’s the harm, right?  Well after a few months of this she began to look at me in the light and to her horror she realized my skin had begun to develop a greenish tinge…I was immediately placed on detox and my greenbean intake was strictly monitored…

I immediately sent off a message requesting proof of her claim. It was basically a Freedom of Information Act request sent to a regular California citizen. She answered promptly, which a journalist doesn’t often get with typical government FOIA requests, that it was an honest fact. Even her mother would confirm it, she quipped.

Oh? So have Mom call me, I requested.

I just got off the phone with Bonnie’s mom, Joyce Muirhead, who eerily sounded like my mom. I glanced at the number just to make sure and didn’t recognize who it was calling me.

“Hi, this is Bonnie’s mom,” she says.

Mrs. Muirhead got right to it.

“She was just eating green beans. That’s it. She was probably 18 months. She loved them,” her mother confirmed.

“Long story short, her skin did actually get a green tint to it and at that point and time I stopped given her so many. She kind of looked greenish. It went away. It was just one of those weird things. How many toddlers just want to eat green beans? That is a true story.”

My journalistic instincts urged me to seek a second source on this. So, I ask Mrs. Muirhead if she took little Bonnie to the doctor. She didn’t. I decided to end my quest and agreed that Bonnie must have really turned green.  I feel confident in reporting this to you all.

I turned red during the entire unexpected phone call. I just thought it was too funny and I could barely conduct stay composed for such a serious discussion.

But what a fact!! Bonnie turned green!

Here’s a picture of Bonnie with her mom and dad, to confirm that Bonnie actually did return to her normal skin color: