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He will Survive!!!! Rock is heating up in Hell’s Kitchen

The best episode of Hell’s Kitchen was last night.

For the first time, it seemed contestants used strategy when it came to eliminating someone.

Spotsylvania resident Rock Harper did survive, but Chef Ramsay chided him for being a poor team player. 

Chef Ramsay’s challenge last night was to give the Blue and Red teams 30 minutes to create menus from leftover vegetable stock, spaghetti, beef, chicken, seafood and white wine. The Blue Team, all men, got started right away.

The Red Team, all girls, took a lot of time coming up with a menu, often arguing on what to cook.

Bonnie and Brad tied. Jen beat Josh, who made something that Chef Ramsay said was “just crap.”

Rock made surf and turf and beat Julia, who made fish and chips.

“It’s delicious. You did it with finesse,” Ramsay said to Rock.

Ramsay enjoyed Julia’s fish and chips, “but it’s fish and chips and we’re fine dining.”

The Blue Team won the challenge and the reward was a game of paintball with Chef Ramsay.

The Red Team had to clean the kitchen and unload the delivery truck.

For dinner service, Chef Ramsay said it was the “most serious service so far.” He had both teams create their own menus. This would test their creativity and teamwork.

The Red Team went simple, with steak, tuna, and rabbit leg, while the Blue Team used creativity and created a menu that included lamb chops and some kind of chicken breast concoction.

Chef Ramsay’s insulting  “DONKEY” name calling made a return to the show. Josh needed three chances to get the lamb right. Brad served cold ravioli.

Bonnie, bless her soul, was cooking without the stove burner on. She was flustered. 

“I’m tired of being told I’m incompetent,” she pouted. “It’s just rough.”

Welcome to Hell’s Kitchen, nanny.

Jen, the pastry chef, was a complete snot. She refused to help her teammates and was looking for them to fail so she could continue on.  Julia cried because no one would help her.
Diners chose the Red menu 52 times and the Blue menu 48 times. Julia’s steak, which her teammates criticized as being too simple for fine dining, was a big seller.

 Both teams completed their services.

“Ladies, none of you had stamina,” Chef Ramsay said.

To the Blue Team, he said the men  didn’t work as a team.

The elimination came down to Bonnie and Brad. 

Rock and Brad got into a tiff before Ramsay made his decision. Brad was trying to pit Josh against Rock. He painted Rock as the bad guy because he called Josh up for elimination twice.

This must have been fed back to Rock, because after the commercial it was Brad they selected. 
“He tried to take the reigns today,” Harper said. “We think that led us to be unsuccessful.”

Brad was eliminated, which shocked fans of the show who thought Bonnie was sure to go. In fact, 58 percent of people who voted on the Fox Hell’s Kitchen Web site thought Bonnie was getting kicked off. 

“Tonight, I was looking for a leader. Tonight all you were was a cook,” Ramsay said to Brad.

For next Monday’s show, Ramsay combined the two teams for service. I expect fits of anger and possibly even violence. Reality Television is GrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrEAT!

I’m pretty confident Rock wins this competition. I am less confident I can get the newspaper to send me to Las Vegas to cover his victory. But I am going to try!