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I’ve got the scoop on Hell’s Kitchen chatter

What was that thing on Melissa’s chin?

I’ve got the answer.

Does Rock stay on the show for at least  another week?

I’ve got a guess.

Let’s address Melissa first. I got this funny call last week from a guy who said he read my story on Rock and wanted to know how to get to his restaurant. He thought it was in Spotsylvania County.

Rock lives in Spotsy, but he’s executive chef at B Smith’s in Union Station.
Well, at the end of the call the guy asked me: “What in the heck is that on Melissa’s chin?”
So, I took the task to investigate Chin-gate and found the answer relatively quickly. I had a short e-mail  discussion with Melissa, who informed me that hot oil hit her chin and burned her.
No, it’s not a goatee. It’s not a tattoo. It’s a blister.
The poor girl got hit hard this past week, with producers making her appear as a raving lunatic with chin hair. She assured that she’s only half crazy and is a kind person in real life.

Now, what about Rock?

By far, Rock has been the strongest contestant. He’s becoming more assertive and leading the team of guys.  Chef Ramsay added a twist last week and sent Melissa to the team of men. Tonight’s episode is the first one with Melissa cooking with the guys.

I will be going to Rock’s restaurant tonight for a private viewing party. Apparently, there are a bunch of twists for the show tonight.

I have been thinking all week why Rock would want all his friends in one place tonight to watch a private viewing of the episode? Is it because he’s ousted this week? Does Ramsay just call the show off and give the Las Vegas restaurant to Rock because the rest of the cooks aren’t really chefs? Does he kick everyone off?

I have no idea.

I predict that Rock remains on the show, but gets moved to the team of girls, and by next week loses his mind.

The show starts at 9 p.m. on FOX.