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Gary Jackson does not “worship the god of unmitigated regionalism”

I didn’t have room in the regional tourism story on the front page today to include the e-mail Gary Jackson sent out June 28.

We call such e-mails “nasty-grams” in the news business. He had sent it to me, but spelled my name wrong, so I didn’t get it until several days later. I don’t know what to make of it and Mr. Jackson won’t call me back to discuss it. But apparently he’s not pleased with the criticism aimed at supervisors for opting out of the Fredericksburg Area Tourism group.

Here’s the e-mail Mr. Jackson sent:

—–Original Message—

From: Gary Jackson []

Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2007 5:58 AM

To: Bob Hagan; Matt Kelly

Cc: Chris Folger; Emmitt Marshall; TC Waddy; Dan Tevlock; Chris Yakabouski; Gary Jackson; Henry Connors; Jerry Logan; Russell Seymour; Randy Wheeler; Vince Onorato

Subject: Spotsy Opts Out Of Tourism Group

Hey Matt, Bob,  etc,

Interesting comments in the paper today.  Matt, check your notes–I did not bow and worship the god of unmitigated “regionalism” at the forum on Sunday.   Never will.

Inter-government cooperation has its place.  Spotsylvania has a long and distinguished record of cooperating with its neighbors when necessary and appropriate to provide for the efficient and effective delivery of appropriate government services. 

At the same time, neither I nor other Spotsylvania officials tend to be favorably influenced by the incessant whining of mostly irrelevant fredericksburg city officials (and others) who seem unable to transact their business without financial assistance from their neighboring political jurisdictions.   Perhaps most revealing is the fact that they cannot seem to ask for help in a responsible fashion.

(Mr. Wheeler – Please forward to the city council and administration)


Gary Jackson

Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors, Salem District


I called Fredericksburg City Council member and Fredericksburg Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Chairman Matt Kelly about this e-mail. “To have responded would have just continued a dialogue that was counter productive,” he said.