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Does Rock Win Hell’s Kitchen?

After four episodes of FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen, I think I know who is going to win this thing.

Rock Harper, 30, of Spotsylvania County, has received two kudos in a row from the big, bad, mean Chef Ramsay. That is not an easy feat.

Ramsay is so flipping crotchety! He throws food at people. He calls the guys “donkeys” and the girls “bimbos.” And they just take it, like this is acceptable treatment according to federal law. Let me be the first to say, it’s not. But it sure makes great TV!

Harper is single-handedly putting Spotsylvania (it was such a surprise to actually see the producers say he is from Spotsylvania and not Fredericksburg) on the map of reality television and he is representing this area like a champ. But his team of guys still stinks. This season might have the worst collection of chefs, and only Harper seems to have any idea of how to really cook something.

Last night’s show was more of the same, with crying girls and sulking boys. Neither side can serve an entire restaurant yet and they don’t seem to be getting any better. How does a chef not know how to cook meat or seafood? I just don’t understand it.

But Harper seems to be the rock of the show. He’s the glue. And I just don’t see how the guy can lose this contest right now. He will have to fall flat on his face for that to happen.

The winner gets to run their own restaurant. One interesting point is the show is actually over and Harper is a top chef at a classy restaurant in Union Station. Could this be a sign that he really doesn’t win and that’s why he is still working close to home? I guess if he quit and packed up to move then the news that he won would be leaked. But, I thought I’d mention that.

Ramsay said he felt Harper’s presence and allowed him to pick someone from his team to get the boot.

On a side note, my crush, Bonnie (, is still on the show. But I am worried. She was crying how she cannot handle the pressure and wants to go home. Ohh, Bonnie!! Just don’t cook the chicken too much and you’ll be fine!