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Cafaro and Harrison Connector Road project problems

 Cafaro Company’s Harrison Connector Road project at the Spotsylvania Towne Centre sure has run into roadblocks.

A majority of disgruntled homeowners near the mall and the proposed road alignment just don’t want it.

 Earlier this month, the Waverly Village Civic Association voted against the project, citing  damage to the environment, increased traffic in the subdivision and the lack of sound barriers.
Members of the Association believe no serious consideration has been made to move the road alignment closer to Interstate 95, which would have a major impact on the New Life in Christ Church and the Fredericksburg Christian Academy school trailers. That alignment could also impact future expansion of the interstate, according to VDOT.

With all of the nearby community opposition to the road project, Cafaro representatives want an amendment in the proffer statement that supervisors adopted April 11, 2006.
Cafaro proffered the road project as part of its $90 million expansion of the mall. The timeline for Cafaro to acquire all right-of-way needed for the road  expired in April. They want a new deadline of Oct. 31, 2008.

Dale Swanson, who lives on Burgess Lane, has been one of the chief opponents of the project. She wouldn’t allow anyone onto her property to start survey work. Although the final alignment of the road can’t be finished until all of the survey work is complete, she believes her home will be destroyed.

Recently at a Board of Supervisors meeting, a Cafaro representative said county officials took too long—about a year—to send right-of-entry letters to homeowners that gave permission for surveyors to enter the property.

Cafaro needs the extension because surveyors have been unable to complete preliminary engineering studies required to finalize the road alignment.

“This was due to the inability of the applicant to secure all of the necessary right of entry agreements from property owners,” the Cafaro memo states.
The Planning Commission will address the request at 7:30 p.m. tonight in the Holbert Building on Courthouse Road.