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Spotsylvania Hospital on a fast track review process

 Supervisors last week agreed to put the Cosner East rezoning request for 180 acres from Industrial and Rural to Commercial on a fast track.

A portion of this land is the spot of  HCA’s Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center.

The property is south of Mills Drive and in the Primary Settlement District, which is planned to be developed as a series of mixed-use communities.
This could be a mixed-use community but it’s lacking homes. A hospital, offices and a bunch of stores will occupy the land. The stores are estimated to bring in annual revenue  of $4,543,950. To compare the value, one penny on the tax rate equals about $1.4 million. 
The 126-room hospital can be built on the property without a rezoning, but to get the proffers supervisors did, Silver Cos. wanted commercial space for stores and offices.  

The Planning Commission meets at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow in the Holbert Building to have a public hearing on the rezoning.

With all of the sewer problems in the news lately, one thing I saw and want to highlight in the file on this project is this:

“The 8″ sewer serving this area will not be adequate. The existing sewer is laid under I-95 in a box culvert. We are concerned that VDOT is not going to permit upgrade of this sewer pipe resulting in a considerable expense of $350,000 or more. The receiving sewer across Rt. 1 will be adequate, but the off-site sewer line from the sewer across Rt. 1 (8″ parallel line) to the site will need to be upgraded. During early review, Utilities suggested that the total service area should be considered and this cost shared for a build-out sized sewer width with this development and either Spotsylvania County Utilities or other property owners interested in developing this drainage area.”

And then this: “a 15″ sewer main running along Massaponax Creek and ending at I-95. This section would be an upgrade of the existing 8″ sewer main. Utilities reviewed the proposed improvements and, while they help, the point of connection under I-95 and extending 1000′ towards Route 1 still needs to be increased to a 15 “sewer line until it joins the existing 15″ sewer line on the west side of Route 1. The existing 8″ line will have future capacity issues and will need to be upgraded. This sewer line is not included in any proposed future Capital Improvements Plan (CIP). The upgrade will need to occur. Any portion that the applicant does not address through proffers will need to upgrade by Utilities through the CIP.”

If commissioners are fine with the rezoning request, it will head to supervisors in probably lightning speed—maybe two weeks.