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Rock survives another week

Hell’s Kitchen last night was one of the more bizarre episodes I have ever seen for any reality television show (disclaimer: I have sworn off watching any more reality television and I am only watching this because a Spotsylvania resident is on the show). One guy, Aaron, passed out from the pressure and had to be rushed to the hospital for some unknown serious condition. He was booted from the show for medical reasons.

Then one of the Jen pulls spaghetti from the trash and attempts to reuse it for a dish. Wow. She actually survived for the next episode. Her reasoning was hilarious: “I washed it off and then boiled it again to kill off the bacteria.”

Oh my.

And then Joanna cooked with spoiled crab meat.

“You could have killed somebody!” Chef Ramsay screamed at her. She was booted.

My future wife, Bonnie, survived episode three. But she was a little shaky last night.

Meanwhile, Spotsylvania resident Rock Harper probably had one of his better performances in the kitchen for a team of guys that has lost all but one test. 

Harper is still on the show and Chef Ramsay applauded his cooking last night.

To back track, this year it’s the girls versus the guys. But the girls have been really strong while the guys  implode each episode.

Harper said this season will be the best of three, and right now I can’t argue with him. It certainly has been a very odd season.