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The Rock In Hell’s Kitchen

Spotsylvania resident Rock Harper showcased his culinary skills last night on the first episode of Hell’s Kitchen season three.

World-renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay hosts the show. He’s a grumpy, very demanding and harsh guy. Last night’s show was hilarious. He made three people cry and one woman almost fainted.

How did Rock do? Well, he wasn’t booted off the show. But he certainly ticked off Ramsay.

At the very beginning of the show, Ramsay sent each of the 12 contestants to cook their prized dishes. Harper told me yesterday that his best dish is pan-seared scallops with potato gnocchi and morel mushrooms. Well, he cooked that for the chef last night, but he made one HUGE error. He used frozen gnocchi. Apparently gnocchi takes a long time to make fresh and they had a time limit. A promising dish turned disgusting, Ramsay said. I don’t even think he tried it. He sent Harper back to the line.

Harper was shocked. He looked like a deer in headlights.

The rest of the show really didn’t highlight Rock too much. Instead the cameras rolled on Aaron, a chubby Asian guy who could not stop his uncontrollable crying. He apparently couldn’t handle the stress of cooking rice for Ramsay.

Funny stuff. I got permission to give weekly updates here about Rock, as long as I am able to watch the episodes and continue the tidbits of Spotsy government.