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Election 2007

All but one of the current supervisors is running for re-election. Chris Yakabouski, who is the Battlefield District supervisor, is running for state senate and is the only current supervisor who will not seek re-election.

The Battlefield District is filling up with candidates. Soon-to-be retired Fredericksburg police officer Benjamin Pitts and School Board member Charles Cowsert will seek the Battlefield District seat. Today, Carl Ingebretse, 46, announced he will seek the seat, too. The term for this district will be for two years because supervisors decided to have staggered terms.

Bryce Reeves, president of Bryce Reeves Insurance, will take on incumbent T.C. Waddy in the Livingston District. A story about Waddy is forthcoming.

Gary Bullis is challenging Emmitt Marshall, who is seeking an eighth term in the Berkeley District. A story on Marshall is forthcoming. This term is for two years this time around.

Gary Jackson, who serves the Salem District, is running unopposed so far.

Hap Connors, who serves the Chancellor District, is running unopposed so far. A story on Connors is forthcoming.

Jerry Logan is running again. A story on Logan is forthcoming.

Vince Onorato announced recently he will seek a second term. School Board member Gary Skinner is challenging Onorato, in what should be a hotly contested race. This term will be for two years this time around.

The Clerk of the Court race is packing up with candidates. Three people–Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Clerk Christy Jett,  Prince William County real estate appraiser Cary Crismond and Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s detective Greg Carter–are going to challenge incumbent clerk Paul Metzger. A story on Jett should appear in tomorrow’s paper; a story on Carter should follow.

The number of races is a tad bit overwhelming. The staggered terms will help because not all seven district seats will be up for election every four years.