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I’m not telling

I received a few calls today from folks who wanted me to release the names of the three districts that the Electoral Board picked for initial two-year terms.


I refused even though it’s public information. I thought it was funny, but I clearly explained that the details will be in Friday’s paper and politely requested that they buy extra copies to pass the news on to other people.


Don’t be mad at me. But I had fun doing that. I did let the news out to one person, but I refuse to name him. Or her. Or it.


Anyway, the event was fun. Shirley Boggs, the county registrar, has been involved in 30 years of elections in this county. The Electoral Board asked her to pick the three districts. I met some people for the first time, including all three guys on the Electoral Board.


Supervisor Vince Onorato was there. I didn’t know he was a Yankee fan, but did know he is from the city. I am from New York too, but would rather cut my left arm off than cheer for the Yankees. We chatted about his team’s slow start and fantasy baseball.


School Board member Gil Seaux was there, too. We were trying to figure out the odds any of the seven districts would be picked. I am horrible at math, and a calculator wasn’t available. It wasn’t a simple math equation, at least in my opinion, because the odds increase once a selection was made.


Did those two jinx themselves by being present? Find out tomorrow in the Free Lance-Star!



Which brings me to something else election related. I wrote my last blog about some election details and someone emailed me this:


That was it. No Hi. No, hey, it’s me. Just the blog page.


I like blogs. I read them all the time.


But who do we think this person is? I have a few ideas. But I won’t guess. I dare the blogger to reveal his identity, or readers here can make some guesses.


Winner gets free lunch, but you have to go with me, which could deter you from entering the contest. Have fun. It’s election time!!!!


  • CaptainObvious

    How responsible and professional, to taunt a reader by saying “I know something you don’t know.” And your editors wonder why people aren’t reading your newspaper anymore? It’s not because the pages are too big, or there’s not enough color, it’s because of childish stunts like that one.

    Which is better, having readers who don’t like you, or readers who respect you? I think the Free Lance-Star would rather have the former.