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Planning Commission cancels public hearing

The Planning Commission’s public hearing on expanding the ban on some large commercial trucks parking in residential areas was moved to May 16 at 7:30 p.m.

They didn’t have a quorum. Chairman Richard Sorrell said in his 16 years of serving on the commission, he couldn’t recall a meeting ever being canceled because not enough members were present.

It was good to see a few heavy truck operators present. Tony Pratt, who is a private truck driver living in the county, said he doesn’t bring his trailer home, just the tractor.

“I need to be able to bring my truck,” he said. ”That’s my transportation back and forth and sometimes I have to work on it at home.”

Together we couldn’t figure out if he could be affected. He said he doesn’t actually live in a subdivision. The suggested ban would expand to subdivisions in the Primary Settlement District. I’m not a lawyer, but it seems like he should be OK. He wasn’t sure if his vehicle weighed more than 12,000 pounds, either.

Pratt said a commissioner told him to make sure people like him come in May to express themselves. Good advice.


But one key point is, commissioners have several alternatives to review and they only make a recommendation. The Board of Supervisors makes the final decision.