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It’s WINDY out there, eh?

I saw some significant wind damage today in Spotsylvania County. The story should run somewhere in tomorrow’s paper. I won’t reveal the juicy details, but one little girl is really lucky!

I witnessed a crane remove a large oak tree off one home’s roof, something I’ve never seen before. Ken Lamb’s tree and landscaping company did the work. Well done!! The roof had serious damage. We took some great photos, and I wish I could post one here. I haven’t learned that trick yet.

In Stafford County, the fire and rescue department is providing ice and water to residents there without power. It seems like Stafford had the most power outages. The ice-water station is at Malborough Point and Betts Road. If you have no power, go get some water and ice. Lt. Kimblerly Harper said they have a never-ending supply for residents in need.

Tomorrow, the wind should rest a bit. And the tree removal companies will be real busy, for sure.





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