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Pro Football: Torrey Smith’s Super Bowl Diary – Day 4



Stafford High graduate Torrey Smith, a Ravens receiver, is writing about his Super Bowl experience for and The Free Lance–Star.

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NEW ORLEANS—My family arrived today. It was cool. I just saw them last week, but it’s cool for them to have a vacation type of thing down here.

My brothers, sisters and coaches came down. My mother will be here today.

When everybody came in we had a Ravens party for the whole team and their families at the team hotel. It was really nice.

There was everything—music, food and everyone was mingling with each other’s families. It was just a great family atmosphere.

There was some good food. We enjoyed the turtle soup, fried shrimp, fried oysters and fried turkey.

People were taking pictures together. My brothers and sisters are around my teammates all the time, so I don’t know why they still take pictures with them, but they do.

My coaches from Stafford, John and Roger Pierce, are having a good time, too.

They were able to meet [former New England Patriots linebacker] Tedy Bruschi in the lobby, so they’re excited about that.

This is the first time they’ve really been around the guys on a personal level. They’ve seen them walking around after games before. But this is the first time in a relaxed private setting.

Everyone’s just excited to get out of Virginia for a little bit.

I ran into [49ers tight end] Vernon Davis as he was coming in to eat with his family at our hotel. We both went to Maryland. We spoke. You can talk to opposing players because it’s not like you’re going to give out any tips or anything. If you know the other person, you see each other and you speak.

[Today], I’m going to take my family by the NFL Experience. Everyone says it’s pretty cool. Then we’re going to go out and eat some seafood.

I love the way they cook their crabs here. It’s different from us. We steam ours, but they soak them for a long time and boil them. I think the actual meat is more seasoned because of the way they soak them.

As far as football, we had meetings and another good practice. We’re continuing to look sharp and we kept the momentum going, so that’s a positive. The game is getting closer, but I’m still not feeling nervous. It’s football. It’s the same game I’ve been playing since I was running around the apartments in Colonial Beach. I’m just going to go out there and play my game.

—As told to Taft Coghill