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Pro Football: Torrey Smith’s Super Bowl Diary – Day 2


(Gene Sweeney Jr. / Baltimore Sun)

Stafford High graduate Torrey Smith, a Ravens receiver, is writing about his Super Bowl experience for and The Free Lance–Star.

NEW ORLEANS—Today we had meetings in the morning and then we had to sign like 200 footballs. The entire team had to pass the balls down the line and sign them. We all ended up getting one of the balls and I think the NFL gets a few of them, too.

Then it was off to media day. It was my first time ever at the Superdome. That place is nice. It’s a nice place to have a Super Bowl because it’s indoors and there are no weather problems.

Media day was like a zoo. There were lots of different kinds of media. It seemed like there were people from a thousand different countries. I was getting interviewed by folks from China and Brazil.

There were a few guys that had a podium and I was one of the guys, so that was a pretty cool experience.

The media asked me the same old stuff about Joe [Flacco], about how it feels to be here. You get asked the same question a million times because the reporters are coming from different interviews. There were no real crazy questions, or nothing that pops into my head as being too crazy.

But there were some weird people out there. There was a guy in a Ravens suit, a man in a caveman outfit and someone in a Batman outfit. There were definitely some characters out there.

Torrey Smith (far right) tries to hold in the laughter after hearing a joke from a teammate while preparing for the Baltimore Ravens’ official Super Bowl team photograph Tuesday. (Charlie Riedel / Associated Press)

Media day lasted about an hour, but after that it was the same old routine. I went back to the hotel and this time Ed Reed brought the food from a spot close to his home. Jacoby Jones’ mom brought food on Monday. But this time we had crawfish, corn, shrimp, all that stuff thrown together. It was so good that I immediately went to sleep. Oh, and we had gumbo, too.

When I woke up, my college strength and conditioning coach, who now works at Southern University, came down with her husband and kid and we went out to eat at the restaurant at the hotel. I tried some charbroiled oysters. Her name is Corliss Fingers. It was nice to catch up with some familiar faces. She helped me out a lot. I did a lot of extra training with her.

Tomorrow it’s back to the routine. We have meetings at 8:10 a.m. It’s time to get focused on the most important part—the game.

I’m still looking at it as a regular game. I’m not getting too caught up into it.

There is a huge picture of myself in the hotel we’re staying at. It’s pretty crazy to see the stuff they have going on. But at the end of the day, none of it matters if we don’t go out there and get the win.

—As told to Taft Coghill Jr.