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Pro Football: Torrey Smith’s Super Bowl Diary


Stafford High graduate Torrey Smith, a Ravens receiver, is writing about his Super Bowl experience for and The Free Lance–Star.

NEW ORLEANS—I’m treating this like a regular work week. The Super Bowl is cool, but everybody that knows me knows I’m not too wrapped up into it.

Our team wanted to treat this as a business trip, so we all wore suits. We were messing around taking pictures before we left the locker room and putting some on Twitter.

We had a walkthrough [Monday] morning before the fan rally in Baltimore. The rally was crazy. It was wild. It was crazy that there were so many people.

It was definitely huge. The best thing about the whole thing was seeing so many people from different walks of life, whether they were rich or poor, black or white. Everyone was out there to support us in the cold rain.

School opened two hours late but that didn’t stop those thousands of people from showing up and sending us off. It was a valuable experience.

When we arrived in New Orleans, there was media waiting for us. I got some TV time. There were probably 50 police and motorcycles, which was pretty cool. We always get a police escort, but never that many. It was a pretty cool scene.

There was more fanfare on the bus headed to the hotel. Fans were waving at us, regardless of what team they root for.

We got settled and walked around the city a little bit. Jacoby Jones’ mother brought us some good old soul food. She cooked for the whole team. It was some good old Louisiana food—gumbo, chicken, banana pudding, stuffed onions, macaroni and cheese and potato salad. It was so good.

We also enjoyed the city a little bit. We walked around Bourbon Street and saw a lot of people, including some autograph hounds.

I plan to enjoy the city a little bit more [Monday night].

I’m going to stay up a little while because after this it’s a regular old work week. My folks will be in town Thursday. I’m also going to have dinner with one of my college coaches and Jermon Bushrod [a King George native who plays for the Saints] this week.

I’m not approaching this week any differently than any other game because besides all the hype it’s still football. I’m not going to fall into the trap of doing something different. People get too hyped and think you shouldn’t be going out late because it’s the Super Bowl, but it’s the same stuff we’ve been doing all year. You have to stay in your routine.

I know everybody back home is watching and rooting for us, so this diary is cool. It might save me some phone calls from people wondering what I’m doing down here. But then again, I might get more calls because they want to tell me I’m in the paper.

—As told to Taft Coghill Jr.