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Northwest Region Swim Meet: Bard, de Oca boost Hornets


MANASSAS—Both Justin Bardin and Alex Montes de Oca have, for the past three years, had the luxury of having the other push him throughout practice and in meets.

Both Bardin, a senior headed for William & Mary in the fall, and Montes de Oca, a junior, credit the other with being one of his greatest inspirations.

“We kind of just swim our own race, and when we’re in the race, we’re focused on ourselves,” Montes de Oca said. “We want to always give our best.”

“But, like, if I’m looking over, I’m trying to beat him,” Bardin said. “I can see him beside me. We always swim faster next to each other, definitely.”

That was true Friday at the Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center on George Mason’s Prince William campus, where the two standout swimmers for Orange twice went head-to-head in the Northwest Region championships.

As has been the case often this season, experience won out. Bardin won the 100-yard backstroke in 52.75, with Montes de Oca finishing fourth in 54.56. Later, in the 200-yard individual medley, Bardin finished second in 1:57.90 with Montes de Oca third, just 1.05 seconds behind.

They also united in the 200- and 400-yard medley relays, in which the duo, along with Ethan Cluff and Ryan Hofmann, took fifth and fourth, respectively.

That led to a sixth-place overall finish for the Hornets, who, next week at the state championships, will wrap up their first season competing in Group AAA. Osbourn Park took both championships, defending its boys title and winning its eighth consecutive girls title.

Hornets coach Ryan Campbell said the move up a classification has hurt the team when it comes to depth. After all, there are only a combined 19 swimmers on the team—and Osbourn Park qualified a combined 30 swimmers for the Northwest Region meet.

“When you look at depth of the roster and being able to field quality all the way down, that’s where we get hurt in this district,” Campbell said. “If we go back to our old district, that’s where we can hold, no problem, because they struggle from the same constraints we do. But I’m happy with what we’ve been able to do this year.”

Neither Bardin nor Montes de Oca set individual records, though the Hornets 400 freestyle relay team was able to shave nearly five seconds off the school record by finishing in 3:24.14.

That fourth-place finish, which was 4.99 seconds behind Battlefield, won’t allow it to qualify for the Group AAA championships beginning next Friday. The top three relay teams, as well as the top six individuals, from each region will advance.

That also includes Colonial Forge’s Bailie Monahan, who won the 100-yard butterfly in 56.36 seconds and the 200-yard individual medley in 2:06.44—both of which are personal bests.

Monahan, a senior who will swim at East Carolina, will put her undefeated mark in the butterfly on the line at the state championships, where she finished second last year. But it was her performance in the individual medley that she was especially pleased with.

“In the 200 IM, I was seeded third, so I was like, ‘OK …,’ and the first and second girls are really good breaststrokers, so I thought I really needed to take it out and use my butterfly,” Monahan said. “I’ve been really working hard on the breaststroke, spending extra time on technique work, and knew I had to keep up with them. If I did, I’d bring it home hard, and that happened tonight.”

Stafford finished third in the girls championships, finishing with 230.5 points—25.5 behind Albemarle. That was satisfactory for coach Bernadette Pellichero, who did not qualify a senior for the region championships and, thus, will not lose any of those swimmers next year.

“It was awesome,” Pellichero said. “The girls, even from their year-round times, had dropped time, so everybody swam very impressively.”

That includes junior Allie Lloyd, who took 3.28 seconds off her time in the 100-yard butterfly, finished in 58.85 and went from being seeded 12th to taking fourth. Haylie Harbin finished fourth in the 500 freestyle and fifth in the 200 freestyle, while Rachel Showers was fourth in the 100 freestyle and Elizabeth Kleveno was third in the 100 backstroke.

Mountain View took third in the boys championships, coasting to a top-three finish in the team totals for the second consecutive week behind the strength of its relays. Its 200-yard medley relay again won in claim-staking fashion, with Michael Sell, Dylan Phillippart, Michael Slattery and Mike Johnson finishing in a school-record 1:39.42.

The relay team was second in the 400 freestyle relay and sixth in the 200 freestyle relay, while Johnson was third in the 200 freestyle and fourth in the 500 freestyle, Slatter took fourth in the 100 butterfly and sixth in the 50 freestyle and Sell was third in the 100 backstroke.

“This year, our medley just skyrocketed, which I didn’t expect,” Johnson said.

As for next week?

“We were just talking about trying to win states in the medley relay and top three for the 400 free,” he said. “I think we stand a pretty good shot for our medley. I’m feeling pretty good about it.”


    Team scores: 1. Osbourn Park 319, 2. Albemarle 256; 3. Stafford 230.5; 6. Colonial Forge 158; 13. Brooke Point 49; 14. Riverbend 47; 18. Orange 25; 19. Massaponax 23; 24. North Stafford 4.

    200 medley relay: 1. Battlefield (Nine Tremols, Natalie Martin, Holly Criscuolo, Sofia Revilak) 1:48.67.

    200 free: 1. Emma Skelley (Osbourn Park) 1:53.43; 5. Haylie Harbin (Stafford) 1:58.61; 6. Mary Flinn (Brooke Point) 1:59.10.

    200 IM: 1. Bailie Monahan (Colonial Forge) 2:06.44; 5. Breanna Stuart (Mountain View) 2:12.31; 6. Kayla Brumbaum (Riverbend) 2:12.72.

    50 free: 1. Sofia Revilak (Battlefield) 24.60; 5. Ryli Waisanen (Colonial Forge) 25.18.

    100 butterfly: 1. Bailie Monahan (Colonial Forge) 56.36; 4. Allie Lloyd (Stafford) 58.85.

    100 free: 1. Holly Harper (Albemarle) 53.13; 4. Rachel Showers (Stafford) 55.80; 6. Ryli Waisanen (Colonial Forge) 56.45.

    500 free: 1. Emma Skelley (Osbourn Park) 5:06.25; 4. Haylie Harbin (Stafford) 5:13.36; 5. Caroline Wanner (Brooke Point) 5:14.12.

    200 free relay: 1. Osbourn Park (Christine Souther, Natalie Tabor, Courtney Mizerak, Ashley Clark) 1:39.98.

    100 backstroke: 1. Holly Harper (Albemarle) 57.85; 3. Elizabeth Kleveno (Stafford) 1:00.33; 5. Mary Flinn (Brooke Point) 1:00.81.

    100 breaststroke: 1. Ali Stephens–Pickeral (George Washington) 1:03.44; 2. Kayla Brumbaum (Riverbend) 1:04.38; 5. Larissa Neilan (Orange) 1:07.02.

    400 free relay: 1. Albemarle (Corie Morton, Hannah Harper, Abby Wuensch, Holly Harper) 3:38.57; 3. Colonial Forge 3:42.27.


    Team scores: 1. Osbourn Park 334; 2. Albemarle 238.5; 3. Mountain View 202; 6. Orange 152; 9. Colonial Forge 109; 11. North Stafford 58; 12. Riverbend 57.16; 13. Massponax 57; 14. Brooke Point 45.

    200 medley relay: 1. Mountain View (Michael Sell, Dylan Phillippart, Michael Slattery, Mike Johnson) 1:39.49.

    200 free: 1. Henry Campbell (Osbourn) 1:43.18; 3. Mike Johnson (Mountain View) 1:45.87; 5. Mathew Halliburton (Massaponax) 1:47.24.

    200 IM: 1. Greg Stoffa (Osbourn Park) 1:57.74; 2. Justin Barden (Orange) 1:57.90; 3. Alex Montes de Oca (Orange) 1:58.95.

    50 free: 1. Matt Lockman (Albemarle) 21.43; 5. Brandon Sanders (Colonial Forge) 22.50; 6. Michael Slattery (Mountain View) 22.77.

    100 butterfly: 1. Jacob Leidy (Broad Run) 52.62; 2. Jared Redding (Colonial Forge) 55.31; 3. Ryan Hofmann (Orange) 54.60; 4. Michael Slattery (Mountain View) 54.96.

    100 free: 1. Matt Lockman (Albemarle) 47.24; 6. Jessup Mikeal (Brooke Point) 49.66.

    500 free: 1. Henry Campbell (Osbourn) 4:34.81; 5. Mike Johnson (Mountain View) 4:46.84.

    200 free relay: 1. Broad Run (Alan Horback, Michael Kopecky, Jack Morrisroe, Jacob Leidy) 1:29.75; 5. Orange 1:31.94; 6. Massaponax 1:33.08.

    100 backstroke: 1. Justin Barden (Orange) 52.75; 3. Michael Sell (Mountain View) 54.20; 4. Alex Montes de Oca (Orange) 54.56.

    100 breaststroke: 1. Andrew Williamson (Albemarle) 1:01.76; 2. Forrest Deal (Brooke Point) 1:04.46.

    400 free relay: 1. Osbourn Park (Greg Stoffa, Sam Stronko, Joe Worrick, Peter Lord) 3:14.95; 2. Mountain View 3:16.66; 4. Orange 3:24.14; 6. Colonial Forge 3:27.08.

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