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Prep Roundup: Swimming


Mary Rose Hazel placed first in four events to lead the Fredericksburg Academy girls to wins over Steward, Richmond Christian and Fredericksburg Christian in a dual meet yesterday.

Hazel recorded her state-qualifying time of 31.08 in the 50 free last week.

The FA boys notched wins over Steward and Richmond Christian.


    200 medley relay: Fredericksburg Academy (Alex Kangas, Jase Davis, Charlie Garbutt, Graham Schattgen); 200 freestyle: Graham Schattgen (FA) 2:34:84; 200 individual medley: Garrett Ross (FC) 2:45:28; 50 free: Andrew May (RC) 31.28; 100 butterfly: Henry Bassett (S) 1:05.72; 100 free: Garrett Ross (FC) 1:06.21; 400 free: Ethan Cohen (S) 4:58.77; 200 free relay: Fredericksburg Academy (Jase Davis, Charlie Garbutt, Alex Kangas, Graham Schattgen) 2:02.07; 100 backstroke: Henry Bassett (S) 1:06.29; 100 breaststroke: Seth Andrews (FC) 1:21.23; 400 free relay: Fredericksburg Academy (Daniel Conway, Jase Davis, Ryan Reeb, Ryan Stanitski) 5:09.62.


    200 medley relay: Fredericksburg Academy (Mary Rose Hazel, Maya Schattgen, Mary Gray Johnson, Kirstie Harry) 2:26.79; 200 freestyle: Kirstie Harry (FA) 2:45.90; 200 individual medley: Mary Rose Hazel (FA) 3:04.07; 50 free: Courtney Jones (FC) 29.48; 100 butterfly: Courtney Jones (FC) 1:17.52; 100 free: Mary Rose Hazel (FA) 1:13.15; 400 free: Kirstie Harry (FA) 5:54.75; 200 free relay: Fredericksburg Academy (Mary Rose Hazel, Mary Gray Johnson, Sydney Hawkins, Kirstie Harry) 2:09.97; 100 backstroke: Maya Schattgen (FA) 1:28.33; 100 breaststroke: Mary Gray Johnson (FA) 1:30.86; 400 free relay: Fredericksburg Academy (Katie Zalegowski, Erika Bogga, Maya Schottgen, Sydney Hawkins).


North Stafford and Colonial Forge split a Commonwealth District meet at Woodlands Pool last night.

The Wolverines’ boys took home a 154–132 win, while the Eagles’ girls earned a 167–119 win.


    200 medley relay: Colonial Forge (David Timm, Cullen Monahan, Jared Redding, Brandon Sanders) 1:46.44; 200 freestyle: 1. Cameron Brackmann (NS) 1:56; 200 individual medley: Matt Morrison (NS) 2:13.22; 50 free: Jared Redding (CF) 23.37; 100 butterfly: Kyle Massie (NS) 56.48; 100 free: Jared Redding (CF) 51.49; 500 free: David Timm (CF) 5:11.48; 200 free relay: Colonial Forge (Timm, Monahan, Redding, Sanders) 1:35.20; 100 backstroke: David Timm (CF) 57.81; 100 breaststroke: Cullen Monahan (CF) 1:06.67; 400 free relay: North Stafford (Jonathan Fralen, Chris Peele, Ryan Tolliver, Matt Morrison) 3:41.68.


    200 medley relay: North Stafford (Dara Dix, Megan Comer, Karaline Schmitz, Brianna Cardella) 2:01.20; 200 freestyle: Ciara McTarsney (CF) 2:02.84; 200 individual medley: Bailie Monahan (CF) 2:12.39; 50 free: Ryli Waisanen (CF) 26.07; 100 butterfly: Karaline Schmitz (NS) 1:02; 100 free: Dara Dix (NS) 58.62; 500 free: Megan Comer (NS) 6:14.36; 200 free relay: Colonial Forge (Olivia Strobl, McTarsney, Waisanen, Monahan) 1:47.13; 100 backstroke: Karaline Schmitz (NS) 1:03.81; 100 breaststroke: Bailie Monahan (CF) 1:09.28; 400 free relay: Colonial Forge (McTarsney, Shelby Ball, Waisanen, Monahan) 4:00.64.

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