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Jay Cutler: DeAngelo Hall Just ‘Another Guy’

The Bears’ quarterback declined on Thursday to discuss the performance or abilities of the Redskins’ cornerback, who intercepted him four times in the second half of a game in 2010.


ASHBURN – Jay Cutler said Thursday that DeAngelo Hall, who picked off four of his passes in a game in 2010, is “another guy.”


Hall, the Redskins’ cornerback, had all four interceptions in the second half of a 17-14 victory over the Bears in Week 7. He returned the second interception 92 yards for a touchdown, but didn’t gain any yards on any of the three other interceptions.

Cutler, speaking to Chicago-based reporters, did not elaborate on his answer. When asked if he had any other thoughts on facing Hall again, Cutler said he didn’t.

“I am just another guy,” Hall said after the Redskins’ practice Thursday afternoon. “It’s not me vs. Jay. It’s the Washington Redskins versus the Chicago Bears. They’re playing good football. We’re trying to get a win in our stadium.”

Hall has intercepted only nine passes in the 37 regular-season games since then. He doesn’t think that there will be any kind of carryover from that game into this one.

“Not for me,” he said. “I can’t go into the thinkings of Jay Cutler, but for me personally, I feel good about the matchup. I feel good about the things we’re trying to do defensively, scheme-wise. A little bit different personnel they have. A lot more weapons. He probably feels good with his guys. We feel the same way. We feel we can definitely make some plays against those guys, so this will definitely be a challenge Sunday, but we’re looking forward to it.”

Hall, who has one interception this season – a 17-yarder he returned for a touchdown against the Lions on Sept. 22 – is coming off of a strong performance against the Cowboys in which he held their top receiver, Dez Bryant, to just 34 yards on five catches.

“I thought DeAngelo Hall played a heck of a game last week, and it’s another opportunity for him to shine,” Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said. “He showed that he can do it against a really, really great receiver. Now that we saw it on tape, I want to see it every week now.”

Cutler, for his part, told reporters that the Redskins’ defensive backs are “good guys.”

“They’re a veteran group,” Cutler said. “They’re not going to give you anything easy. They do a really good job in the zone of route reading and knowing where the receivers are going to go. It makes it hard. You just have to be on it.”