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Brandon Meriweather: ‘You Know What You Signed Up For’

Despite a hefty fine and a concussion that left him limited in practice this week, the strong safety said it’s difficult to determine whether he’ll change the way he tackles.


ASHBURN – Even though one hit cost him $42,000 and another knocked him unconscious, Brandon Meriweather said Friday he doesn’t know how much he’ll change the way he tackles.


Meriweather, the Redskins’ starting strong safety, called the league’s emphasis on the proper way to tackle “a fine line” and said it would be difficult for him to adjust to those recommendations as he enters his seventh season.

“I think everybody has to change the way they tackle,” Meriweather said. “They say hit low, but I done seen people get concussions from hitting low, too, you know? Honestly, I think it’s no real way, no real safe way, to play this game. You know what you signed up for. You know what it is. I think if you’re gonna do it, then you do it 100 percent.”

Meriweather’s fine, which he said he plans to appeal, is at least the fourth he’s received in his career for reckless play. He was issued the fine for a helmet-to-helmet hit Sunday against the Packers that gave running back Eddie Lacy a concussion, and he later received a concussion on a similar hit on running back James Starks.

He has passed all subsequent concussion tests and went through a full practice on Friday, though he said his availability for the upcoming game against the Lions on Sunday is uncertain. He’ll still need to pass concussion tests this morning and before the game if he is to be cleared to play.

Meriweather said he never looked back at the hits, and he suggested that they might have happened because he was “over-aggressive” in his first regular-season game since last November. He then went back on his statement, saying he couldn’t have played with too much aggression because doing so was how he was taught.

“If I say no, I don’t [tackle a different way], I’m gonna get criticized for it,” Meriweather said. “If I say yeah, I do, they’re gonna say, ‘Why am I playing like I play?’ I really can’t say either way.”