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League Officials Ask Robert Griffin III To Cover Brace

The quarterback was asked by the league’s uniform enforcement officials to cover up his black knee brace, which he originally wore outside of his pants and socks early Monday night.


LANDOVER, Md. – Robert Griffin III was asked to cover up the brace on his right knee midway through the Redskins’ loss to the Eagles on Monday.

Griffin III

Griffin said the team received a call from the league’s uniform enforcement officials regarding the knee brace, which was partially tucked into the bottom of his pants but outside his sock at the start of the game. He then tucked the brace into the top of his sock in the second quarter in an attempt to cover it up.

“I don’t understand that one, but that’s why we had to continue to do some stuff to cover the brace up with my sock,” Griffin said. “It was the same brace. It just looked bigger because they kept putting stuff over it.”

The quarterback said no reason was given for the decision. He wore a similar brace outside his pants and sock during the final two games of the regular season and for the playoff loss to the Seahawks in January.

He will have to wear the brace all season, he said during training camp, as he recovers from surgery to repair a torn LCL and ACL in the knee.

“Man, I don’t know what the league’s doing,” he said. “I got fined 10 grand [last month] for a shirt, so I don’t know.”