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Surgery May Keep Adam Carriker Out For Season

The defensive end underwent surgery on his right quadriceps tendon for the third time in a year, and the timetable will leave him sidelined at least four to five months.


RICHMOND – Mike Shanahan said Adam Carriker could miss four to five months after undergoing surgery Thursday on his right quadriceps tendon, meaning it’s possible the defensive end misses the entire season.


Carriker has battled issues with the tendon dating back to last September, when he tore it in the Redskins’ loss to the Rams.

He had surgery again during the winter, then underwent another procedure that would help him recover his full range of motion. He said in a radio interview last month that the knee wasn’t yet able to extend and flex enough to allow him to walk correctly.

“According to the doctors, the surgery was something that he needed,” Shanahan said. “It went as well as they possibly could have hoped for. That’s always a good sign.”

Both Carriker and Shanahan have been tight-lipped about the injury over the past year, but Shanahan was more forthcoming Thursday after the team’s first training camp practices.

“You take a look at the progression of the knee and the quad, it just was not producing to where he could get the movement in his legs that would give him a chance to play,” Shanahan said. “He could work with the weights, but he just couldn’t get the circulation, couldn’t get the movement, and that’s basically why he’s had three surgeries.

“Hopefully this surgery will give him the ability to have that type of movement that he needs as a defensive lineman to get in that stance and have that explosion.”

Jarvis Jenkins, who started the final 14 games of the regular season for Carriker last season, will again claim a starting role at left end. Chris Baker, the backup nose tackle last season, has moved full-time to defensive end to back up Jenkins.

“I was coming into this camp fighting for a job because Adam’s a great player,” Jenkins said. “Obviously, you know, I prepared to be the starter, and when a situation like this comes up, I’m like, ‘OK, I’m ready to go.’”