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Roger Goodell: Redskins Won’t Regain Cap Space

Speaking at the owners’ meetings at Phoenix, the commissioner said that the Redskins will not now, nor in the future, have a chance regaining the salary cap space they lost.


Commissioner Roger Goodell said that he met with representatives from the Washington Redskins, but that the team had no chance of recouping the $18 million in salary cap penalties levied against it this season or in the future.

“I did meet with the Redskins, [and] so did our staff on two occasions over the last 30 days, to make sure we fully understood their position and to make sure they fully understood our position,” Goodell told reporters in Phoenix on Monday at the league’s annual meeting. “As I said earlier, there will be no change.”

Redskins general manager Bruce Allen and head coach Mike Shanahan said last week that they held out hope that the league would rectify its stance until just before the start of the league year on March 12.

It did not, and Washington was hit with a sanction for the second and final year, restricting its ability to be active in the free agent market.

Allen called the penalty “a travesty of fairness,” and when asked, Goodell said he did not have a reaction to the Redskins’ objections.

“I have told the Redskins directly that there will be no change to that or a modification to the cap,” the commissioner said.