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Report: James Andrews Never Cleared Robert Griffin III To Return To Game

By ZAC BOYER | @ZacBoyer

Despite Mike Shanahan’s insistence that Robert Griffin III was cleared to return to action after sustaining a knee injury on Dec. 9, the orthopedic surgeon who was reported to have approved Griffin returning to the game did not actually do so.

Griffin III

James Andrews, a renowned orthopedic surgeon who serves as a consultant for the team, told USA Today at a book signing on Saturday that he never permitted the Washington Redskins’ rookie quarterback to return to the field in the fourth quarter of the game against Baltimore.

Griffin was later revealed to have sprained the LCL in his right knee, and Shanahan said that Griffin re-entered the game because Andrews permitted him to do so.

When asked the details of the exchange a day later, Shanahan said it was a simple one.

“Hey, Dr. Andrews. Can Robert go back in?” Shanahan said.

“Yeah, he can go back in,” Shanahan said Andrews told him.

“That was it,” Shanahan said.

When asked again to clarify, because television cameras never caught Griffin or Shanahan speaking to Andrews, Shanahan repeated himself.

“Dr. Andrews got a chance to look at him, and he said, ‘Put him back in,’” Shanahan said.

Griffin took the field for four plays, then left the game for good.

“He didn’t even let us look at him,” Andrews told USA Today. “He came off the field, walked through the sidelines, circled back through the players and took off back to the field. It wasn’t our opinion.”

“I’m the one that shut him down that day, finally.”

In fact, Andrews said, watching Griffin return Dec. 23 at Philadelphia after sitting out just one game has been concerning.

“I’ve been a nervous wreck letting him come back as quick as he has,” Andrews said. “He’s doing a lot better this week, but he’s still recovering and I’m holding my breath because of it. He passed all the tests and all the functional things we do, but it’s been a trying moment for me, to be honest with you.”