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Mike Shanahan On Kyle Shanahan’s Future: ‘It’s Not Time To Interview’

By ZAC BOYER | @ZacBoyer

ASHBURN – With the work he has done guiding the Washington Redskins to a 10-6 record and overseeing an offense that finished the regular season ranked highly in several statistical categories, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s name is sure to be circulated on several lists of teams looking for a new head coach for the 2013 season.


Whether Shanahan, the son of head coach Mike Shanahan, is ready to make that leap remains uncertain. But Mike Shanahan said Monday it would not be favorable to the Redskins for Kyle Shanahan to begin pursuing those jobs during the team’s playoff run.

“At least, in my opinion, and this is my feeling when I was an assistant – it’s not time to interview during the season,” Mike Shanahan said. “It’s time to concentrate on your job. After the season’s over with, I think there’s plenty of time for all those things.”

Mike Shanahan shouldn’t have to worry – at least not Monday afternoon, even while seven of the league’s head coaches were fired. The NFL prohibits anyone on the staff of a postseason team to interview for a position with another team as long as their current team is still playing.

An exception applies to the four teams who earned first-round byes – Atlanta, Denver, Green Bay and New England – but that only lasts for the entirety of the off week.

That doesn’t mean, however, that teams cannot contact a coach’s representatives, or that they can gauge interest from teams interested in their client during the postseason. There is no record of Kyle Shanahan currently being represented by anyone.

“You know, you’ve got a job to do, and you should do that first,” Mike Shanahan said. “After the season’s over, if somebody wants to interview him or something along those lines, it’s a great opportunity for assistant coaches to interview for head coaching jobs.”

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