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Alfred Morris Left Carolina Game With A Stinger; Not Concerned About Impact

By ZAC BOYER | @ZacBoyer

ASHBURN – Alfred Morris said the injury that caused him to leave the Carolina game early in the second quarter was a stinger, and that “they blew it out of proportion on TV.”


Morris missed just five plays because of injury in the 21-13 loss on Nov. 4 and left the game on his own, concerned staying in would lead to a mistake.

A stinger is a spine injury where nerves leading to an arm are stretched or compressed, leading to a temporary loss of sensation. He also left the Redskins’ game against Minnesota on Oct. 14 with a stinger, though the numbness was in his left arm. His right arm was the one affected against Carolina.

“I came out because I didn’t want to carry the ball and drop it,” Morris said. “With a stinger, you kind of go completely numb, and then it comes back. That’s all it was.”

Morris finished with 13 carries, tied for his fewest on the season, for 76 yards against the Panthers.

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