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If ‘Redskins Rule’ Applies, Loss Means Mitt Romney Will Be Elected President

By ZAC BOYER | @ZacBoyer

LANDOVER, Md. – If what has become known as the “Redskins Rule” is any indication, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will be elected as President of the United States on Tuesday.

Since the Washington Redskins moved to the nation’s capital in 1937, the winner of the final home game before the presidential election has correctly forecasted the winner 17 out of 18 times. When the Redskins win that game, the incumbent or the reigning political party retains control of the White House. Should they lose, the challenging party has gained control.

The Redskins lost 21-13 to the Panthers on Sunday, which would foreshadow an unsuccessful re-election bid for President Barack Obama.

Only in 2004 did the rule not apply, when President George W. Bush defeated challenger John Kerry despite the Redskins losing their final pre-election home game to Green Bay, 28-14.