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Sav Rocca: ‘I Want To Keep My Job, So I Keep Punting’ Despite Injury

By ZAC BOYER | @ZacBoyer

ASHBURN – Sav Rocca was going through his strides two weeks ago, much as he does after practice every Wednesday, when he planted his right foot into the grass and immediately felt pain.


“I knew straightaway,” Rocca said. “It was a pop that I heard before.”

He was later diagnosed with a tear in the medial meniscus, which would be difficult to play with if Rocca wasn’t a punter.

But he is, and the decision to continue punting through the last two games despite the tear came down to one simple fact.

“I want to keep my job, so I keep punting,” Rocca said.

Rocca was told by doctors that he could not further injure the knee if he continued to punt. He did so once against the New York Giants three days later, sending the ball 33 yards before it was fair caught, then punted four times for 151 yards against the Steelers.

One of those punts traveled just 12 yards, which Rocca said had nothing to do with the injury but was simply a shanked kick. The other three went 52, 41 and 46 yards in the air.

Rocca said he doesn’t feel pain in the knee while he’s punting, but he does during his approach. He once tore the lateral meniscus, which has provided a frame of reference for what he’s currently going through.

“I think it’s in the back of my mind that it’s there,” Rocca said. “It is painful. I try to get by without [thinking about it]. You know, I can hit good punts with it, so I don’t blame it for having a bad punt.”

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