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Robert Griffin III: Rams ‘Were Doing A Lot Of Dirty Things’

By ZAC BOYER | @ZacBoyer

ASHBURN – At one point in the Washington Redskins’ loss at St. Louis on Sunday, Robert Griffin III took a hit from one of the Rams’ defensive players and told the quarterback they’re going to hit him every play.


“I said, ‘Isn’t this football?’” Griffin said Wednesday. “It’s nothing that I’m not used to. It was extremely weird the way they went about it, though.”

Griffin was hit nearly 20 times in the Redskins’ 31-28 loss to the Rams on Sunday, though he carried the ball only 11 times. At one point near the end of the first quarter, Griffin was hit by linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar after he threw the ball away, and Dunbar delivered an extra forearm to Griffin’s head after he was already on the ground.

That shot was characteristic of the style of play during the entire game, where players on both sides delivered extra hits after the whistle.

“There was some extracurricular stuff going on after the plays,” Griffin said. “They were doing a lot of dirty things. I still they have they have an extremely good team and that doesn’t take anything away from them, but the game was unprofessional. Who am I to talk? I’ve barely been a pro for very long, but from what I experienced against the Saints compared to that game, it was definitely unprofessional and it does need to be cleaned up.”

Part of that was on the officials, who failed to accurately monitor the players’ aggression.

“As I said after the game, I thought the officials did not control the game, and that’s a mistake,” head coach Mike Shanahan said. “You’ve got to have people take control, and there wasn’t any control in that game.”

Griffin understands that defenses are going to continue to hit him hard and play him aggressively because of his ability to both run and throw the ball. It’s something Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick has dealt with his entire career.

“Like I said, teams are going to try to hit me because they don’t think I can take a hit, but I think I’ve proven over my career that I can,” Griffin said. “It was extremely weird the way they went about it, though.”

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