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Limited Snaps Not Enough For Chris Cooley To Judge His Play

By ZAC BOYER | @ZacBoyer

ASHBURN – Chris Cooley doesn’t believe he played enough at fullback on Thursday in the Washington Redskins’ preseason opener at Buffalo to get an accurate assessment of his play.


Cooley said he played “10 or 11” snaps in the 7-6 victory over the Bills and is aiming to play between 20 and 25 in the next preseason game Saturday at Chicago. The tight end played the position because starting fullback Darrel Young strained his hamstring two weeks ago.

“I don’t want to be strictly judged by my play as a fullback, so I think if you judge it on looking at a guy and saying, ‘He’s a versatile player. He can do a lot for this offense,’ I think I can continually play well at fullback,” Cooley said.

The Redskins restricted their starters to 14 snaps. Cooley played fullback on six of them; he also lined up as a tight end on occasion before leaving the game midway through the second quarter.

Young is targeting a return from his hamstring injury next week. Cooley also lined up as a fullback last season when Young was hurt and had two carries against Dallas in Week 3.

“I don’t know how long it’s going to happen or when it’s going to happen this season,” Cooley said. “If D.Y.’s hurt six weeks in, I’m comfortable going in and playing that position. I think they like that.

“I can’t say at this point exactly what I’m going to do. If you ask me what I want to do, I want to start at tight end and catch 80 balls this year, but at the same time, I want this team to be successful, this offense to be successful, us to win football games, and so I really don’t care where I am if we’re doing that.”

Cooley did run one route as a fullback Thursday and also carried the ball once – a 1-yard gain from the Redskins’ own 1-yard line.

“I was surprised to get a handoff on the goal line,” he said. “I would have liked it if I had a 15-yard gain. I don’t like getting hit by five guys the second I touch the ball, but I don’t think anyone does.”