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Jabar Gaffney Acknowledges Frustration Within Redskins’ Offensive System

By ZAC BOYER | | @ZacBoyer

ASHBURN – The Washington Redskins’ offensive game plan for Sunday’s 19-11 loss to San Francisco contained plenty of screen passes and short gains to somewhat offset a fluid running game.


Receiver Jabar Gaffney didn’t particularly like that. On a few occasions, he found himself open downfield and in position to make what he believed would be a big play, though quarterback John Beck never threw the ball. One such play came with 3:39 remaining in the third quarter, when Beck tried to force a pass to tight end Logan Paulsen and Gaffney, wide open down the middle, twice clapped his hands and punched the air as the pass fell short.

“I felt a couple times that I got behind the defense and wanted the ball,” Gaffney said. “I just wanted the ball to try to get something going – get the fans back in it, get everybody cheering up and just play with those teams.”

Gaffney caught four passes for 40 yards, though two were in the fourth quarter and one, a nine-yard touchdown grab, came with 1:10 remaining.

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan said a loss such as that one can often cause players to share their frustrations. In all, though, he was pleased with Beck’s decision-making, especially over the week before.

“When people start talking about situations after the game, usually people probably shouldn’t say those things until they look at the film themselves to see if they’ve played a perfect game themselves,” Shanahan said. “I think that’s the case in those situations.”

A veteran in his 10th season, Gaffney has played in some high-powered offenses – most notably with New England from 2006 through 2008. He said the offensive performance, to date, couldn’t be farther than what he experienced with the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady.

As for whether or not he’d alert Beck to such plays during the game, Gaffney said he’d like not to.

“I try to leave him alone,” Gaffney said. “He has a lot on his plate, so I don’t want to be like a selfish guy and go, ‘I’m open, I’m open, I’m open, I’m open.’ But there’s certain times during a game where I will go talk to him and be like, ‘Just throw it to me. Give me a chance to turn things around.”

Beck, meanwhile, said he tries not to focus on comments such as the ones made by Gaffney, preferring instead to hold belief in himself as a capable quarterback and as a team leader.

“I can do my very best to help this team do that because I do believe in the people we have on this team,” Beck said. “I believe in the players and in everything. I believe that we can turn this thing around and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure of it.”