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Brock Huard Taught John Beck Not To Read Newspapers (But Watching TV Is OK)

By ZAC BOYER | | @ZacBoyer

ASHBURN — John Beck was spinning a yarn today, as they say, and spoke to reporters for 15 minutes. It was great, in a way, because we’ve all talked to Beck so much over the past four weeks about the quarterback battle that we, and he, had almost run out of things to discuss.

But Beck is always good to chat, and he was asked about how he’s dealt with the hype and the quarterback situation with so much scrutiny on the team. Beck said that he doesn’t read the newspaper, watch television or want anything to do with the media away from the complex. He told the story Monday of watching a University of Washington game a decade back while he was in high school and hearing about how quarterback Brock Huard was told by his brother, Damon, to ignore any media reports because, regardless of whether they are positive or negative, they can provide a distraction.

“Now, in high school, Mom was cutting out the articles, so I did see them, but in college, never once,” Beck said. “I just tried to do my best. You actually hear about it enough when you stop at a restaurant and the people next to you are saying, ‘Hey, I read this about you,’ this and that. You hear it, but you just try to hear your best and filter it so it’s not an overload.”

What Beck did hear was how during the ESPN telecast of Thursday’s game, Jon Gruden, the former Tampa Bay head coach who is now a commentator, said Beck would be the starter if he was coaching the Redskins. Beck said he held the comments in high regard, but fellow QB competitor Rex Grossman had the line of the day in response: “I’m glad I’m not playing for Jon Gruden.”

Beck also talked about his friendship with New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees. The two had a chance to meet before reporting to camp late in July.

“The whole purpose of being around [him] was just to try to soak in what he does,” Beck said. “What’s made him successful, his work ethic, the way he approaches the game. The times that I just get to sit down and talk with him. Before I left San Diego to come here, we sat down for a couple hours, just in a room, going over what it is to try to be the best quarterback that you can be and the things that a starting quarterback faces in the NFL and how he approached it.

“Really, the only taste that I had at being a starting quarterback was with the Dolphins when we were 0-9 and I became the starter, and that in itself was a tricky situation to be a part of. But Drew has been able to battle through adversity, come out on top, take his team to the Super Bowl, so it was great just to be around him, talk to him about those different things and about what he did to succeed. I felt like although our adversities were different, it was still a battle against something, and he came out on top and that’s what I was trying to do.”