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A farewell to Fredericksburg

Well, folks, my time at The Free Lance-Star has expired. Today is my last of work here. Monday I will join the restarted Washington Times’ sports section as their Redskins beat writer. Indeed, this is a bittersweet occasion.

These farewell posts always are self-serving, but I’d appreciate it if you’d humor me. When you fully commit your life to something for so long, you need an outlet to express yourself when it’s all over. This seems as good as any.

When I began on the Redskins beat in 2009, my goal was to become a respected and reliable voice in the non-stop Redskins conversation between us media members and you readers. It didn’t matter to me that we’re a small paper 45 miles (or two hours in traffic) outside D.C. or that many of you had not ever heard of us.

I’m eternally grateful to those of you who came to this site and participated, whether by simply reading or by going a step further and posting a comment or emailing me. At some point—hopefully soon—Redskins coverage will continue in this space, and I have no doubt that the next Redskins beat writer will build on the modest foundation I tried to establish.

This is a difficult day because I am leaving some fantastic co-workers. The halls of 616 Amelia Street are filled with some incredibly talented journalists and some really wonderful people. There are too many to list here, but allow me to publicly express my appreciation to a sports staff that has made the last three-plus years a blast.

Editors Steve DeShazo, Justin Rice and Jeff Schulze are three of the best bosses one could have in any line of work. Fellow staff writers Adam Himmelsbach and Taft Coghill are terrific reporters (their awards speak for themselves) and even better people. Assistants Carden Hedelt and Tom Leiss, in particular, were supportive colleagues and friends. I look forward to beating many of those guys in one fantasy league or another in the future.

Thanks again to all of you for reading, and I hope to see you up north starting next week.



  • Terry

    Congratulations Rich! Well deserved; I’m glad the Times is restarting its sports section and you will follow in a great tradition.

  • Bill

    Good job Rich and all the best.

  • Emily Battle

    You have done a great job here, Rich, and I wish you all the best.

  • Mike


    This is an announcement that isn’t surprising. You have consistently provided top of the line work related to the Skins that rivals the large DC papers. I figured that you would be snatched up by someone at some point. Thanks again for all your hard work – I’ll keep following you on twitter!

  • Skummyone


    You’ve been an excellent read and source of Redskins info. Will certainly follow you over and the Times is getting a great beat writer.

  • Steve


    Its good to hear that someone like yourself will get an even bigger platform to write about the Skins. Congratulations.

    Its also pretty funny that the best two football reporters (not just Skins beat reporters) in the Washington area weren’t even considered by the Washington Post when the job came open in two consecutive years. Its like they’re trying to kill their blog/credibility.

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