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Alabama WR Julio Jones is more than a pass catcher

The Redskins have a lengthy list of team needs, as we’ve discussed. That fact has been reinforced today as quarterbacks, receivers, defensive ends and linebackers have streamed through the media room. So many times today a player has been announced and I’ve thought, “Oh, the Redskins really could use him.”

One of those guys is Alabama receiver Julio Jones. At 6-4, 220 pounds with speed to stretch the field, he’ll likely be one of the first two receivers drafted.

When teams compare Jones to Georgia’s A.J. Green, they’ll note Jones’ reputation for being an outstanding blocker.

Jones explained his approach to blocking, and it’s one that every team would love to hear.

“I’m not a selfish player,” he said. “I know just like the running back has to sit in there for protection when I go out for a deep pass, I want the ball, too, when I go out. So I know he’s going to block for me and handle his responsibilities. So I try to do the same, as well.

“If I’m on the backside of a route, I’m not going to take that play off because I know I’ve got to hold a safety or something for the other guy to get open and make a play.”

Jones said that mentality intensified while at Alabama.

“Just working with those guys because we’ve got a hard offseason program,” he said. “To see those guys sweat, almost passed out and everything, it started meaning a lot more to me, and they became my brothers. I feel like I go out there and leave it on the line for those guys.”